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Staff Attorney

Samantha Tran is a UCLA and USF law school graduate that practices intellectual property law. As a born-and-raised in Oakland, Bay Area resident, she has a great passion for helping the local artist community develop and protect their portfolios. She has worked with both up-and-coming artists and established legacy acts in the areas of trademark, copyright and contract law. Her other past experience includes consulting and reviewing potential patent applications, and preparing franchise disclosure documents. In her spare time, she remains active in the art scene by attending concerts, festivals and art viewings while also speaking at nearby law schools about her experience as a POC woman in law.



Staff Attorney

Keegan Royal-Eisenberg has a passion for the arts and the law. He most enjoys working with creatives and helping them protect their rights with regard to their works.
Keegan has had the opportunity to work in both the United States and in Japan on Copyright and Trademark protection issues. He has also had experience working with the United States Patent and Trademark Office in the South East Asia region, educating foreign customs officials on Trademark enforcement and the importance of anti-counterfeit measures.
Keegan speaks Japanese and in his free time enjoys traveling, music, and video editing.

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